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We aim to contribute in the creation of a more prosperous present and a more promising future for today?s society and for generations to come.

At Aventuras Mayas, we envisage Sustainable Development as leading to a management of resources which fulfills all economic, social and aesthetic needs while preserving the cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity and life support systems of the region.

Our sustainability programs focus on 3 main areas:

  1. Helping to preserve the natural environment. We are deeply committed to the best use of the environmental resources that are a key element in tourism development so that the essential ecological balance is preserved as well as the local and global biodiversity and natural heritage.

    • Sustainable environmental practices
    • Integral Waste-Management Program

  2. Promoting local culture and traditions. We act in a respectful and encouraging manner towards the socio-cultural authenticity of the region so that the cultural heritage and traditional values of its inhabitants continue contributing to intercultural understanding and to the world?s cultural diversity.

    • Traditional Mexican cuisine
    • Community arts-and-crafts store

  3. Benefiting local communities economically and socially. We always ensure viable and long-term economic projects with the local communities in the use and promotion of natural resources and tourism so that the socio-economic benefits we generate truly reach all the project's stakeholders.

    • Secure employment opportunities and certifications
    • Environmental education programs for local children & students